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Harbin Sanlian laid out the veterinary drug market, built projects such as maduramicin ammonium, monensin raw materials premixes.2023-01-12
Yunnan Zewei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Reconstruction expansion project of steroid hormone raw materials (progesterone, BA, methylprednisolone, difucol, etc.)2023-01-12
Anhui Baker Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. newly built Monapinavir Lopinavir API project2023-01-12
The net profit of East Asia pharmaceutical industry in 2022 was 104 million yuan, the production sales of 7-ANCA increased significantly.2023-01-12
Anhui Fengyuan Likang Pharmaceutical invested in rebuilding the new valine project.2023-01-12
Announcement of commissioning time of isosorbide project of Shandong Tianli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (as of March 31, 2023)2023-01-12
Shandong Xiaowei Biotechnology invested in a new project of bio-fermentation to produce bio-based L- malic acid succinic acid.2023-01-12
Yunnan Zewei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. expands the project of steroid hormone raw materials, namely, diprogesterone, vitamin D3, vitamin D2 nicotine.2023-01-12
With a total investment of 620 million yuan, Yunnan Pingbian natural astaxanthin big health industry integration development project started construction.2023-01-12
BASFs expanded propionic acid production capacity will be put into production in the fourth quarter of 2023.2023-01-12
Anhui Huaheng Biological Company launched a new product "inositol"2023-01-06
Inner Mongolia Jindawei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. rebuilt expanded new projects such as adenosylmethionine, glutathione phosphatidylserine.2023-01-06
Hendi Pharmaceutical Industry: At present, the companys production capacity of ibuprofen is 3500 tons/year.2022-12-30
Jiheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: Paracetamol raw materials are suspended for export are all supplied to China.2022-12-30
Guo Bang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. expanded its technical transformation project with an annual output of 1,171 tons of raw materials intermediates (Norfloxacin, etc.)2022-12-30
The latest quotation of main products (vitamin B12, coenzyme Q10, etc.) of Yuxing Biological Group on December 29th2022-12-30
Haocheng Bio invested 150 million yuan to build a new lactose peptide, protein powder inositol project (Phase I).2022-12-30
Jiangxi Haiwen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. invested in a new project with an annual output of 10,000 tons of vitamin B3.2022-12-30
Latest news: NHU Vitamin E production line will be discontinued from January 1, 2023.2022-12-30
Brother Haining Vitamin K3 Base of Science Technology plans to stop production overhaul at the end of December 2022.2022-12-30
Four major vitamin K3 enterprises in China announced the end of the year to stop production overhaul.2022-12-30
Latest news: Amoxicillin Ampicillin API manufacturers raise their external prices.2022-12-16
Brother Haining Vitamin K3 Base of Science Technology plans to stop production overhaul at the end of December 2022.2022-12-15
The vitamin C production line of DSM Jiangshan Pharmaceutical will be reduced from December 5th.2022-12-08
The demfor cold medicines has increased greatly, the crude drugs of antipyretic analgesic drugs are tight expensive.2022-11-27
DSM is affected by the energy cost, the production base of vitamin A will stop production.2022-11-27
DSM recently issued a notice on the discontinuation of vitamin A the reduction of vitamin E production.2022-11-27
Sichuan Bohaodas 10,000-ton enzymatic inositol production line project will be completed by the end of 2022.2022-11-27
Some manufacturers stopped reporting signing vitamin A vitamin E from November 23rd until the end of the year.2022-11-27
On November 23rd, the quotation of NHU Vitamin E products was suspended.2022-11-27
Novo Nordisk Shanghai ShanghaiPharmaceutical Holdings sign a contract to make another breakthrough incooperation2022-11-17
Hebei Guangxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a busy production line, it is estimated that the export volume will break 100 million USD in 2022.2022-11-15
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